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We Understand Your Dreams - We Care!

We Understand Your

Dreams - We Care!

At JRG Financials, we are passionate about your financial well-being. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your finances. Our comprehensive approach includes

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From counselling to investment, explore the stages of your financial journey.

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Our team of experts will take the time to listen, understand, and work with you to find solutions for your unique needs.

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Through detailed and easy-to-take assessments, we analyse your financial condition before we give you a comprehensive plan.

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Charting your Unique Plan of Action

Once we understand the intricacies of your financial situation, we'll connect the dots between your investments and aspirations and map your plan of action.

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We're committed to supporting you as you implement your financial plan, and we'll regularly review it to ensure you're on track to achieve your goals.


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Why financial planning is important?

Financial planning is an organised strategy for achieving one's life objectives. A financial plan acts as a road map for your future finances. essentially, it assists you in taking charge of your earnings, expenses, and investments so that you may manage your money and reach your financial aspirations. One of the most effective ways to develop sound financial judgement is through financial planning. It controls unfavourable financial behaviour and aids in the formation of sound financial behaviour. Remember that having a good financial plan in place is essential for achieving financial prosperity.

Do I need a lot of money to create wealth?

The idea that you need a lot of money to build wealth is a myth. Instead of more money, you need more time to compound your assets.

How to decide the sum assured for a term insurance plan?

The amount of Life Insurance coverage you need will depend on many questions such as:

  • How many dependents do you have?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you want to provide for your family?
  • How much do you need for your children’s education?
  • What your investment needs are?
  • What your affordability is?

As a general practice, the calculation for Sum Assured in a Term Insurance policy is:

“Minimum Sum Assured = Annual Income x 10 times + Loans or Liabilities”

How can I prepare an early retirement plan?

"Financial Independence, Retire Early" (F.I.R.E.) is an economic principle for early retirement planning. Determine your FIRE number by calculating how much money you'll need to save if you want to retire early. This will depend on your desired retirement lifestyle, anticipated future spending, and present expenses.

Here is how you can accomplish it:

  • Monitoring your discretionary spending
  • Save aggressively
  • invest in investments that bring in passive income
  • and track your progress.
What is a bank mandate? Why it is necessary?

A bank mandate, sometimes referred to as a debit mandate, is a legal authority that you grant to a third party to regularly withhold a certain sum from your bank account. By applying for a bank mandate to automatically deduct a certain amount from their bank accounts and send it to the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) on particular dates, mutual fund investors grant the AMCs this right. The NACH mandate is another name for the Bank mandate. It is a quick, easy, and efficient process that makes investing much simpler for you. Since there is an auto-debit option available to them, investors do not need to make a monthly payment for SIPs. When users use the bank mandate function, the accounting process for mutual funds is made simpler. Therefore, by facilitating easy and convenient investing, the bank mandate plays an essential role for mutual fund investors who choose SIP mode.

What is the right time to go for financial planning exercise?

The best time frames to begin your financial planning journey can be divided into two categories:

  1. The first time is when you take control of your finances and begin the process of becoming financially sound. It is at this point in your life that you start earning. You should begin considering how you can use your first paycheck to create a financially secure future as soon as you earn it.
  2. RIGHT NOW is the second-best moment to begin financial planning. It is never too late to start your financial planning process and get organized with your money.
Why should I invest?

The Short Answer: "Saving money only in your bank account isn't sufficient. "Although saving money is crucial, it only reveals a portion of the story. The first stage for wise investors is to accumulate enough emergency funds, and after doing so, they should move on to investing in other financial instruments that would be more favorable after accumulating funds for three to six months that are easier to access. Since investing is a successful strategy to put your money to work and possibly increase your wealth, your money may grow in value and outpace inflation if you make wise investment decisions. The power of compounding and the trade-off between risk and return are the main reasons investment has higher growth potential.

Do I need a personal health insurance policy even if I and my family are covered under an employer group insurance health plan?

Yes. It is highly recommended that one should avail of a separate health insurance policy, as the insurance provided by the employer is a shared policy and will be valid only for the period of employment. In addition, an individual health insurance policy can be customized according to your needs.

How much should I plan for my children’s marriage?

Weddings today are multifaceted occasions with dreams of Indian parents and highly personalized dreams. With a larger budget, the wedding may stretch for four or five days. As you extend the number of celebration days, the expense of renting the venue, catering, and decorations rises. The appointment of an event manager or wedding planner will also incur additional fees. In addition, there are the customary expenses for jewelry, clothing, presents, and hair salons. First, decide what kind of wedding you are planning for your child. While peer and cultural pressure may lead you to spend more money, you are not required to keep up with the Joneses. Each person has different financial situations, so create a wedding budget based on your own.

What happens to the investor’s money if an investment-partnered company winds up its operations?

The investments are made directly with AMCs (Asset Management Companies) regulated by SEBI, and no investment cheques are written out in the name of distributor/advisor. In case, something unfortunate happen to distributor/advisor, your investments will be freely available for you to access and transact directly, with zero impact.

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